Make up servicesAt Gentle we add more glamour to your looks. Whether it’s your wedding day, formal event or simply a good time out, our talented makeup artist will listen to your requirements and make you shine and bright.

  • 1Self Grooming
  • 2Bridal Makeup
  • 3Party Makeup
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Hair ServicesGentle has experience both locally and internationally, they have quite good understanding and knowledge about today’s styles and trends, they’ll work with your needs to create a look you can be proud of.

  • 1Smoothing & Shining
  • 2Male’s & Female’s Hair Cut
  • 3Straightening & Blow Dry
  • 4Hair Color, Style & Foils
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Face ServicesWe have a relaxing and comfortable beauty spa, where our experienced skin therapist examines your skin and listen to your  beauty issues to fix them with the best suitable products and their vast knowledge in beauty according to your Needs.

  • 1Face Threading
  • 2Deep Cleansing
  • 3Skin Polishing & Facials
  • 5Skin Treatments
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body ServicesWe make sure to provide ultimate relaxation experience to our customers in Gentle’s comfortable spa. Our expert beauty therapists make you feel relaxed, refreshed and look fantastic with an amazing feeling of satisfaction.

  • 1Full Body & Legs Wax
  • 2Manicures & Pedicures
  • 3Body Smoothing Mask & Massage
  • 4Body Scrubbing & Polishing
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hennaHenna is a flowering plant and the sole species of the Lawsonia genus. The English name ….. A person who has become sensitized through black henna tattoos may have future allergic reactions to perfumes, printer ink, chemical hair dyes.

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